Owner Reviews

Judie Bunia-White 12/2019

Lynn as very responsive, 12 years ago, when I inquired about the last puppy from one of her litters. In that time, I’ve continued to follow her on Facebook. Maximus is a healthy and happy dog. I would get another puppy today, if my husband would let me!

Heather Martinez 12/2019

My current boy, Major, makes my fourth Rhodesian in my lifetime. he is by far the healthiest and most beautiful of all of our previous dogs. and the only one we have gotten from Black Powder Rhodesian Ridgenacks, but it won't be my last. I am grateful for breeders like this, for my own sake yes, but mainly for the sake of this amazing breed that I love so much.

Elizabeth Love Smith 12/2019

We brought home our beautiful Rhodesian boy, Kingston, two years ago. He is such a part of our family, that we can't imagine life without him. We constantly get compliments on how handsome, well behaved, and laid back he is. We are so pleased with our Black Powder Ridgeback!

Paddy Welch Lundquist 12/2019

I had the honor of training a puppy from a litter last year, and when the owners decided to return the puppy, I got the wonderful chance to add him to our pack.

Tennille Kress 5/2019

We have had our first Rhodesian Ridgeback for a week now and are smitten! It was an awesome experience and such a loving family!!

Holly M. Poehis 4/2019

Lynn was awesome to work with! We came down from MN to pick up our baby girl. She is really knowledgeable and answered all of our questions! we highly recommend her. Her dogs are BEAUTIFUL!

Susan Caire Brady 1/2019

We picked up our Henley on December 1, 2019. From beginning to end it was a fantastic experience. All of our questions were answered and we felt very comfortable leaving with our little guy! Highly recommend!

Valerie Fox 1/2019

We purchased "Holly" a little over a month ago, and she has been the best addition to our family! She is so gentle with our two year old and also plays well with our 100 lbs., 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback! She has the sweetest temperament and has stolen all of our hearts! Thanks for breeding some wonderful RR!!

Teresa Cavanaugh 12/2018

5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We just received our puppy and couldn’t be happier !! Considering we are in California this process was nerve racking enough but thanks to Lynn the process was well explained she was great at responding fast and answering all questions. She is knowledgeable and kind . If your looking for a nice dog from a true dog lover Back Powder Rhodesian Ridgebacks is fabulous.

DJ Vollmer 12/2018

Outstanding communication and very understanding. Got the perfect puppy! Highly recommended!!!

Martha Robinson 12/201

We love Lynn and her family and how they raise their pups just as if they were going to be a part of their own family forever. We have gotten two RR from them and they are the sweetest girls and are so wonderful with our young kids.

Jared Michaelson 12/2018

We received our beautiful loving perfect Rhodesian Ridgeback, Nala, from Lynn at Black Powder Rhodesian Ridgebacks about 13 years ago. Not only was Nala simply perfect, Lynn’s facilities are impeccable. Her knowledge of the the breed, and her continued love and concern for the pups throughout their lives is truly impressive.
A fantastic RR breeder. I highly recommend.
Thank you Lynn and Black Powder Rhodesian Ridgebacks!!

Christopher Validus 12/2018

I followed Black powder for two years before I purchased my Pup, and when I saw that they brought Timka in from Russia I knew they were dedicated to the development of the breed and not just another puppy farm. I live somewhat local and drove to pick up our pup. Seeing the parents and the rest of the dogs on the farm also help me feel relaxed about the type of breeder they are. Dogs and pups were running all around the farm, and Timka came to greet us before we had the chance to meet our little girl/his daughter. Timka was a friendly happy dog, and you see this trait in our little girl we brought home. Beautiful red like her father, curious, brave, happy, and wants to meet everyone and be their friends. So, in my opinion Black Powder is an amazing team that cares about the continuation of the breed, and delivering the best quality of life to the dogs in their breeding program. Five stars all the way!

Allyson Yoder 11/2018

Our Ridgeback is almost two years old and she is the best dog I could have ever asked for! She is so loyal, calm, loving but protective, and great with our kids. We get compliments constantly on what a good dog she is. I would recommend Black Powder Ridgebacks to anyone!

Camille Thompson 8/2018

Lynn is great to work with...beautiful dogs, very responsive/good communication, great about answering all questions and sending videos& pics of pups! Planning to purchase another very soon 🤗 I got Hank in 2017 He is from Cimaron x Sammy litter. He’s now 15 months and 98lbs.

Cara Thomas 5/2018

Fantastic experience from beginning to end! Lynn is thorough with information and wants the best homes for her pups. We love our guy (currently 7 months old) he has a beautiful temperament and is great with our two toddlers and other dog. He is a smart dog and is already great at off leash recall and other commands. The RR breed is a great family dog and we definitely will be looking to this same breeder when we are ready for another RR pup in the future!

Angie Riemersma 5/2018

I recently got a puppy from Lynn and I can't say enough good things about her breeding program. My boy, Kanan is happy and healthy, and just an amazing example of the Ridgeback breed. If/when I am in the market for another puppy I will definitely get another one from Lynn.

Amanda Goez 4/2018

My experience with Lynn was amazing! She was prompt to answer all questions and took care of everything! Got our sweet boy in April and he is so wonderful! Shipping process was smooth and he is a great addition to our family! Thank you Lynn!!

Tom Robertson 4/2018

Max is now five years old, thank you so much for a great dog, at times I wish I could come to your farm and get another puppy because they all look so great. Some of the best money we have ever spent was for Max. He has a great home and is really living the life! He is a great protector of the home and quick to alert if something is not right. A few years ago at 3am he altered us to the fact that people were trying to break into a home that was near us! RR are great dogs!

Brenda Grigg 3/2018

You can tell that Lynn loves her animals. She is very knowledgeable of her breeds as well as giving great care and love to her dogs and puppies. Its great to watch her kids inter act with the puppies as well.

Jenny Amaya Jarquin 12/2017

We purchased our beautiful livernose pup with Lynn over a month ago and we couldn’t by any happier. The process with Lynn was very easy, professional, fun and trust worthy. We live far away and she was very attentive to respond as soon as possible with any questions we had. Our pup is a healthy and happy pup living the good life in Miami. Thank you Black Powder RR for everything!

Neil Perry 9/2017

We got our lovely liver-nosed girl from Black Powder Rhodesian Ridgebacks almost a year ago. The process was very professional and Lynn was awesome to work with. She has answered our many questions even after we purchased our puppy. We were given updates on our girl before we came to pick her up and she has been extremely healthy and energetic. This is a great place to get your RR!

Darrel Yoder 5/2017

We recently received our very own Ridgeback puppy! Lynn was very informative and responsive to all of our questions. Our puppy came with everything she needed. Right away she was so very happy and healthy. I am very excited to spend the the next many years together. Thanks so much Lynn!

Kelsey Kuhn 2/2017

I am so happy to have found Lynn and her Ridgebacks! I now have two boys that will forever change our lives! Lynn is diligent, has a huge heart and is educated properly in what she takes pride in! I definitely recommend her and her fabulous K-9's!!! Thank you!!!!

Alyssa Cochnar 10/2016

I just picked up my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Itus, this week! Black Powder Farms is awesome and I just love my little boy. I also got see and meet several of their other breeds of puppies that they raise. Very welcoming atmosphere and I definitely recommend them!